What Do You Think Charlie Sheen's Breath Tastes Like?


Last night Charlie Sheen crashed an interview with Mark Cuban on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where he planted an extended kiss on the host’s lips. While everyone else is mulling over what Sheen could’ve possibly meant with the cryptic gift he gave Kimmel (a mug with pictures of a fox pasted on it, which some believe to be a hint that he will be getting his own late-night talk show on Fox after meeting with the network last week) we’re dying to know just one thing: What does that breath taste like?

Sheen supposedly wears false teeth for television because his real teeth have been replaced by gold ones reportedly due to excessive cocaine use. OK, so that’s tooth decay, which has it’s own distinct, sickly scent to it. Then there’s the fact that he smokes like a broken chimney, which adds the whole ashtray element. And to top it all off, he drinks instant coffee all day, and everyone knows the effects of coffee breath. For what it’s worth, Kimmel momentarily looked grossed out immediately after the kiss.

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