What’s the Deal With Rihanna Casually Wearing a Diamond on Her Left Hand?

The very pregnant singer's been seen out and about rocking a massive diamond ring on her left finger, but remained mum on whether it's an engagement ring.

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What’s the Deal With Rihanna Casually Wearing a Diamond on Her Left Hand?
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Rihanna’s left hand has been quite literally shining bright with a diamond recently, but she hasn’t publicly confirmed if she and boyfriend A$AP Rocky are getting ready to say, “I do.”

Earlier this week, Rih was seen in Los Angeles by paparazzi who asked her if she’s engaged to A$AP. She quickly quipped back: “This old ring? You act like you ain’t never seen this ring.”

As much as it’s an honor to even be gaslit by Rihanna, we have questions. Page Six notes that the diamond is “a Sloan Solitaire ring from Briony Raymond” that Rihanna has worn before, but never on that specific finger. So, why wear it on that finger now?

Sure, she could absolutely be trolling us—if I were a celebrity and I wanted to flirt with a little mischievous press, maybe I’d do the same! Starting some innocuous drama can be fun! But considering Rih just announced mere weeks ago that she’s pregnant, the timing feels a little… interesting.

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