Who Invented the Fleshlight, and How


I’m sure you all know the Fleshlight (NSFW), the plastic vagina that some men use to pleasure themselves (I prefer the classic five-on-one action, thank you very much). What you probably don’t know is how it all started:

It all happened after Steve Shubin’s wife got pregnant at the end of 90s. The doctors advised not to have sex, so Steve decided he had to build a substitute. Apparently, he told his wife and 17-yo son Brian, who says they “would sit around the table and talk about how we thought it should look […] there was a definite need to disguise what was actually inside the product itself.”

According to Good, Steve Shubin thinks his device helps men everywhere and are getting widely accepted by people everywhere. Still, they don’t call it vagina.

But we’re still looking for as wide an audience as possible. We wouldn’t want to offend any one person. The term vagina-like it or dislike it-it can be offensive to some. It can be too clinical to some. But a picture says a thousand words. If you say ‘lady’ and show a picture of a vagina, the point gets across.

Read the rest of the fascinating story in [Good]

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