Wired Magazine Doesn't Think Women Have Brains


Wired just published a guide to the “best reporters, writers, and thinkers on the Internet — the people who understand what’s happening.” Given that so few of the featured reporters, writers, and thinkers are women, we guess you think with your penis?

There are ZERO women featured on the “Government and Security” list, one woman capable of delivering “high-value” “Business” information, one woman who understands “Design” (unless you count the Venus De Milo reference) and two women who get call-outs under “Consumer Technology.”

The “Culture” and “Science” sections go live on 8/16; maybe they’re so overrun with women that it was unfair to list any on the currently available lists? Somehow, we doubt it!

Update: “Featured” = people who Wired thinks deserve to be called out by name.


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