​Woman Becomes First Quadruple Amputee to Model at New York Fashion Week

Earlier this year, fashion designer Carrie Hammer made quite the debut, giving New York Fashion Week its first ever model in a wheelchair. This year the business professional clothing designer has made another benchmark—featuring the first quadruple amputee model.

The driving force behind Carrie Hammer’s fashion has been “Role Models, Not Runway Models.” After seeing Dr. Danielle Sheypuk rock the runway in her wheelchair in February, a woman named Karen Crespo reached out to Carrie Hammer. Crespo had lost all four limbs after contracting bacterial meningitis and found her runway show and decision to feature Sheypuk inspiring. So Hammer helped fulfill Crespo’s dreams of walking the runway at New York Fashion Week on September 5, even creating a new set of prosthetic limbs in collaboration with Hanger, Inc. after Crespo’s $100,000 limbs were stolen off her porch.

Both Crespo’s and Hammer’s stories are wonderful, and the inclusiveness and realistic approach to women’s bodies is definitely refreshing. And Crespo looked stunning. And now I have to cry.

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