Woman Discovers Her Kids Are the Stars of a Racist Instagram Meme


A Virginia woman is understandably upset after learning that someone skimmed a photo of her children from her Instagram account, slapped a little meme text on it, and posted it to his own Instragram account.

According to CBS 6 local news, Ciara Logan, when a user unknown to her “liked” a couple of her Instagram photos, she clicked over to the stranger’s page to see who the person could be. She discovered an image of her son and twin daughters on the stranger’s page with the words HARPO JUST WON’T LET THEM GIRLS BE emblazoned over the top. Gross.

Logan took matters into her own hands, but when she attempted to contact the poster, he blocked her, changed his page to private, and swapped his user name.

She contacted Instagram for help, but rather than do anything punitive to the picture swiper, Instagram told Logan to take down all of the photos of her children from her page and change her privacy settings.

The lesson here is that if you enjoy something and that thing gets popular enough, it’s only a matter of time before some asshole ruins it for everyone.

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