Woman's Orgasmic Left Foot Totally Doesn't Need To Call The Next Day


A Dutch woman in her mid-50s visited the doctor because her left foot was sending her frequent orgasms — I think we all wish we could say the same about our HUSBANDS, right ladies? AMIRITE? I don’t know — which occurred with no sexual stimulation or thoughts.

The bizarre medical case landed in the hands of sexual psychopharmacologist and researcher Dr. Marcel D Waldinger, who found nothing significant in her MRI, save for a few differences in the nerves of her left foot compared with her right, and tried applying an electrocurrent to her left foot — which produced a spontaneous orgasm. (Let’s play the Real Life or Quentin Tarantino Wet Dream Game Show. Annnd it’s… real life! Thanks for playing.)

As it turned out, about a year and a half before the orgasms began, the woman had spent time in intensive care for a sepsis infection, part of which she spent in a coma — when she emerged, she felt tingling and burning of nerve damage in the soon-to-be-orgasmic foot. “The brain could not anymore differentiate between the foot and the vagina. So that it decided that every stimulus coming from the foot was actually coming from the vagina,” clarifies Dr. Waldinger. A shot to the spinal cord numbed the woman’s faulty sensory nerve, and she is now happily foot-orgasm free.

In journalist and researcher Mary Roach’s Bonk, an entertaining non-fiction book about the science of sex, she cites a quadriplegic woman who can achieve orgasm from putting a vibrator on her neck and chest — but in most of these cases, “compensatory erogenous areas” on people with spinal cord damage is usually above, not below, the site of the injury.

‘Is A Foot Orgasm Real? First Known Case Reported By Woman In The Netherlands’ [HuffPo]

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