You Can Buy Positive Pregnancy Tests on Craigslist


Will the wonders of the Internet never cease to amaze and disgust us? In this week’s episode of Bizarre Shit You Buy on Craigslist, some industrious women are selling their positive pregnancy tests to other people online.

Like, I can think of nothing good that comes from selling another person a stick of your own pee. I can, however, think of a few shady reasons that all end in “DON’T DO IT, GIRL.”

When searching my local Craigslist in search of pregnancy tests, I didn’t find anyone selling used pregnancy tests, but I did find some odd stuff — do you think this person is really with the Boys and Girls Club? Or do they really want positive pregnancy tests to scare the living shit out of their boyfriends?

Also, I can’t wait (I can wait forever) for all the MRAs who are about to be all, “Men, get your own SEALED pregnancy test and WATCH her pee on it, you can NEVER be too careful.” Ugh.

[Daily Dot]

Image via Iwona Grodzka/Shutterstock.

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