Here’s a Real Quick Bennifer Update

Ben's been spotted wearing his wedding ring again after seemingly ditching it while J.Lo was traveling through Europe.

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Here’s a Real Quick Bennifer Update
Ben and Jen in NYC in March. Photos: Getty Images

Every day for the last two months I’ve woken up, scrolled the internet, and tried hard not to click on any headlines about Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. And every single day I’ve failed.

So far this week, J.Lo was photographed taking a commercial flight from Naples to France for Paris Fashion Week; Ben had lunch with his daughter, Violet, while J.Lo vacationed in Italy; Ben was spotted without his wedding ring on Sunday…

Which brings us to today: Ben’s been spotted wearing his wedding ring again. (I know, these updates are whiplash-inducing.) Paparrazi photographed Ben leaving his office on Tuesday and he seemed to really make an effort to hang his ring hand out his car window. I don’t know what this means except that maybe they’re not getting a divorce this week.

The couple first sparked divorce rumors in May, amid reports that they were living in separate homes. It’s been a Blue Crush pipeline-sized wave of headlines ever since. More recently, they put their shared, $60 million Beverly Hills mansion on the market. “Sources” have since claimed the house was simply too big for them. Beyond that, Ben reportedly called their marriage a “fever dream,” and has “come to his senses,” while Jen is apparently sick of how grumpy Ben always is and is “over” trying to make the marriage work.” But who knows! Probably none of us, ever.

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